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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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schools, i'm peggy fox in reston with the story. >> germany is scrambling to find homes for the thousands of syrian refugees looking to settle into a new life there. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson. the iran nuclear deal is still blazing hot in the presidential campaign. >> republican candidates donald trump and ted cruz rally supporters in front of the capitol with a warning that the deal is a catastrophe that will cost american lives. people have lined up to block the vote. >> our bruce leshan was in the thick of it today of. >> reporter: get. this donald trump now -- get this. donald trump now says he's having a bromance with his fellow republican presidential candidate ted cruz. their fury at this iran nuke deal was like red meat for hundreds of tea party
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supporters gathered here. >> it's insane. it's total tree -- treason. >> reporter: donald trump and teemed cruz say it is not over. >> my command -- and ted cruz say it is not over. >> any commander in chief should rip to shreds this catastrophic deal. >> reporter: cruz was the warm- up, but most were here to see trump. he has sparked a passion among the gop tea party base. >> my support is for donald trump all the way. >> this is for donald trump. >> reporter: trump only spoke a few minutes, but that was plenty of time to hammer the status quo. >> never ever ever in my life have i seen any so in competently negotiated. >> reporter: he promised
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supporters his business experience alone would change the balance of power. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get bored with winning. >> reporter: a maul group of peace activists saying in support -- small group of peace activists saying in support of the nuclear agreement were far outnumbered by its critics. >> we're celebrating the wonder, the greatness that it is to be an american. >> reporter: now earlier in the day at brookings here in d.c. hillary clinton endorsed the deal, but she also warned iran that if she is elected president, she will not hesitate to use military force if iran cheats. live on capitol hill, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> as the congressional debate
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gets underway, iran's supreme leader said iran will not expand talks with the u.s. beyond the international negotiations over that iranian nuclear program and he predicted that israel won't exist in 25 years. >> reporter: should fairfax county school goes to half day kindergarten fix a looming budget crisis? they're asking parents for hands on input. peggy fox is live at south lakes high where parents are there to hear some pretty grim details about the state of the schools there tonight. >> reporter: well, lesli, we hear all the time fairfax county has one of the wealthiest school systems in the country. how can be it in trouble? it does have a $2.5 billion budgets, but it's been making cuts -- budget, but it's been making cuts for years and now with required expenses from the requirement system and continued growth a huge cut is coming. what should be cut? school leaders want you, the
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public, to decide. as fairfax county schools roll back into action this week, parents will hear disturbing messages about the future of the school system. >> i think for a lot of our constituents i think they'll see how painful these decisions are. >> reporter: superintendent karen garza says they'll need to cuts $80 million from the budget for the 2016/2017 school year. should activities like band programs be cut? what about theater? and then there's sports? should fairfax county do away with freshmen or jv sports, charge higher fees? what will fairfax county schools look like with more cuts? garza is worried. >> any business leader knows, any family knows that you can't continue to respond to increased needs, increased costs without any new revenue and it's impossible to cut year after year after year and not
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have some appreciable impact on our system. >> i guess is in like eliminating the freshmen team? >> reporter: today fcps launched this budget tool on its website with numerous options for cutting items out of the budget. >> you can do a couple thing. you can either charge a $150 fee or 200 fee. so we charge the 200 fee and then we bring it up to our proposal box and now we're only at 43.7 to go. >> reporter: south lakes ptsa president andy siegel found it difficult. >> i think it's going to give a parent a very clear view of what the realities are and what they want for their kids of. >> reporter: karen garza hopes that budgets tool will help give her and the school board -- budget tool will help give her and the school board feedback and she's also hoping that it helps educate the community on the needs and the costs of the school system. reporting live in reston peggy fox, wusa9. >> they're getting to seem firsthand just how difficult --
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see firsthand just how difficult it is to do all that. thank you. superintendent garza pushed for a meal tax to go with the schools, but the county supervisors reject ed that idea. president obama wants community college to be free. he was in michigan trying to build public support for the idea which has stalled in congress. the president spoke at the community college in the town of warren. joining him was jill biden who teaches at northern virginia community college. some much needed rain right on our do step tonight. >> it is knocking. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking some storms on first alert doppler. >> nothing severe right now, but heavy activity south into southern maryland. this is first alert doppler over the last hour, some activity up toward frederick, but it's all light once you get past clarkbsurg up 270. this is getting more intense between culpeper and warrenton.
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we'll watch that. by and large a big storm almost covering the southern 1/2 of charles county, if you well, is what we've been watching and heavy rain and lightning strikes indicating a pretty well organized storm. no hail, moving off to the north and east, so southern maryland blue crabs got a game tonight. to the north we go, nats park now is okay. we're looking at just a little light shower off to the dry. right now the park is dry. we think the game will be in with no problem. we'll come back and talk about showers overnight and tomorrow morning. in capitol heights prince george's county police are expressing a triple shooting leaving one man dad and sent two others to the hospital in critical condition. it happened overnight in the 6800 block of jade court.
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25-year-old salas was found dead on the scene. another woman and man were found shot. >> we u.s. in say in did not appear to be random. -- we must say this does not appear to be random. >> for the most day police have been back in that neighbor patrolling the area. we don't know how the victims somehow knew each other. a d.c. man faces manslaughter and other charges in an alleged drunk driving crash that killed two children and three women. >> two of those women were sisters who had between them 10 children, all of them now without their mothers. the crash took place last october in oxon hill. police say 26r--yeaold kenneth kelley was speeding down livingston road at 70 miles an hour when his mercedes plowed into another car. police say his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. the city of baltimore today unanimously approved a $6.4
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million settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the people of freddie gray. the-- family of freddie gray. >> the purpose of the civil settlement is to bring closure to the gray's family, to the community and city and to avoid years and years of protracted civil litigation and the potential harm to the community. >> the settlement in this case represents civil justice for freddie gray's mother and his biological father. >> gray died in april after suffering a critical spine injury in the back of a police transport van. aras pt of the settlement the city sells liability in gray's debt but does not acknowledge any wrongdoing by the six police officers charged in his death. tomorrow a judge will decide whether those trials for those officers will be moved out of baltimore. coming up another report of shots fired, that report raising fears of a possible
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serial freeway shooter in phoenix. >> but up next details on the >> but up next details on the welcome ceremo
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we've got new information about the pope's upcoming visit to d.c. we've learned president obama and first lady michael obama will lead the welcoming committee. the white house says the obamas will be at andrews air force base to greet the pope when he touches down september 22nd. during his visit pope francis
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will meet privately with the obamas at the white house and address a joint session of congress, something the poem has never done before. we have an entire section dedicated to pope francis and his visit to the u.s. on our new wusa9 app. that's where you'll find everything and anything you need to know about the pope's schedule. you can be part of the event while he's here. authorities in arizona investigating another possible highway shooting in the phoenix area. >> this would be the 10th such shooting over the past two weeks and it's sparking fears of a serial shooter. the latest case involves a truck possibly hit by a bullet on interstate 10, a passenger window shattered but no one was hurt. arizona's director of public safety calls the incident domestic terrorism. refugee shelters are popping up in unli
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the u.s. says it is ready to increase the number of immigrants it accepts next year. >> jonathan vigliotti is in a small germantown that has opened its arms to those in
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need. >> reporter: 20 days ago slaza assad escaped from the grip of isis. today she is settling into her new life in germany. >> it's so beautiful. we can rest our heaviness when we reach germany. >> reporter: the treacherous journey was an unexpected honeymoon for assad who married her husband mustafa 10 days before fleeing. the couple are among 246 refugees now staying staying in this city in a tent that just last week was home to a beer festival. city manager thomas link says cities across germany scrambled successfully to accommodate 20,000 refugees who arrived over the weekend. locals played a big role. >> they brought clothes and shoes, chocolate for the kids,
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little bears. >> reporter: this shelter is one of dozens throughout the region. they act as halfway homes of sorts. refugees are brought here to register with the government. they will sleep here a few nights before taken to more permanent homes. we watched as refugees were given their new city assignments, a life changing fate picked by government computers. shaza and her husband was live in luxomburgh. they will leave on buses friday morning just before new buses filled with refugees fill up. >> this city accepted 12,000 refugees after world war ii. two german newspapers published a special supplement today in arabic welcoming refugees and giving them advice where to go for the services. a first of its kind warning label is coming to chain restaurants in the big apple. the new york city board of
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health manly voted today to require restaurants to add a black and white salt shaker to any menu item that has more than the recommended daily limit of 2,300 milligrams of sodium. this new rule takes effect december 1st. today is a yellow weather alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> just in the nick of time. do you need a fan? >> i've been sitting here the entire time listening to you all carefully. you're taking notes. >> you're having hot flashes. you're having hot flashes. >> men have hot flashes? >> apparently. >> what are you saying, we're old? >> you're sweating. >> we are old. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live, michael and son weather cam, some clouds moving in town, but the nats game is going to be okay, still 91, winds southwest at 8, fairly humid, humidity up to 47%. here's a look at first alert doppler over the last hour.
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really this is jumping out. the last two hours this has become the focus of the heaviest activity charles county into extreme northern sections of st. mary's county, some fires beginning to fire up a little bit, too, between culpeper and fredericksburg. everything pretty much light. we'll focus on this. you can see some lightning strikes there and a lot of rainfall. this is not moving very far very fast either. in fact, pretty heavy rain potomac s'mores over to rogers mill, charlotte hall up to hughesville, no hail, don't see any wind either. this just popped up, too, holliday beach just south of north beach. we'll zoom back out and track there for you headed toward dunkirk as we go through on the storm tracker about 7:19. again, the main threat will be
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heavy hayne, heavy downpours and perhaps some localized flooding. muggy with thunderstorms tonight, couple showers possible in the morning. yellow weather alert tomorrow morning and afternoon. by 9:00 tonight you see the showers and norms lingering into southern maryland. i think that's going to be the folks who have the heaviest activity overnight. dane looks like this, 70s -- day planner looks like this, 70s across the board. 84 on friday, okay on saturday early, but then then showers and storm -- but then showers and storms move in, could affect the terps game. 70s on monday, tuesday and wednesday in the 80s, but for now the 90s are history. you got to play real stuff now. >> yup. season open are almost here, redskins anxious to hit the field and put the preseason
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal.
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we need a better deal.
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the burgundy and gold are in full game prep mode. spirits were high today as the team put together their plan for miami this weekend. they are also extremely eager to finally get this regular season underway. the pundits don't have much faith that the redskins will be any better this year than last year. some think they will repeat
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their 4-12 record while others say they'll only muster up three wins this season. the players are ready to show the experts they are wrong. >> one, i don't care. what do they know? everybody in these walls have been working hard in ota, getting after it, a lot of new faces around, we continue to get better every week. >> desean jackson seems to maybe have a difference feeling. in a recent interview with dq magazine he was asked do you feel like you guys will contend this year? after a long pause jackson didn't have much of an answer to that question. starting this sunday we will air a special edition of game on previewing everything with burgundy and gold before their game at miami starting at 11:30 right before nfl today. fans of the washington
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nationals not happy with the team right now. the second night in a row the team blew a lead against the team they are chasing in the most important series of the season. fans let manager matt williams hear their frustration after a press conference. [ booing ] >> yikes. at least they waited till he was done. the nats are six games back of the mets and look to avoid getting swept tonight in the series finale. you can even sense the frustration in the players' voices, but they assure us they haven't given up. >> we're playing well. we just got to keep swinging it, keep scoring runs. we've been scoring runs the past week and a half pretty well and just got to keep swinging the bat, having good at bats and see where it takes us. former georgetown head basketball coach tom johnson, jr. will be the first recipient of the dean smith award. the award was announced 10
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months ago to honor an individual who embodies smith's spirit and it's very fitting because they were close friends and even an assistant on the olympic team. >> thank you. that's wusa9 news for now. that's wusa9 news for now. cbs it's ford suv season. now just sign & go. with zero down... zero due at signing... and zero first month's payment... hassle free. choose from ford escape, edge, explorer and expedition. every suv. ford makes it easier for you to be unstoppable, during suv season. now get a ford escape with zero down, zero due at signing and zero first month's payment, during ford's suv sign & go event.
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only at your local ford dealer.
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>> axelrod: as congress debates the iran nuclear deal, republicans rally against it. >> every single thing about this deal is wrong, and we should never have allowed this to happen. >> axelrod: also tonight, terror at takeoff-- a commercial jetliner with 170 on board catches fire. >> people could see flames, and people wanted to get off the plane. they were just terrified. >> axelrod: that vicious hit on a ref. did an assistant coach put them up to it? and cbs news exposes a thriving black market that's robbing the world of priceless pieces of history. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening. scott's on assignment. i'm jim axelrod. it was quite a scene at the u.s. capitol today. as the senate opened debate on the iran nuclear deal, opponents


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